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Welcome to Eileen Murphy Consultants, practitioners and providers of Training and Consultancy in the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Approach

The main principle of our direct work with individuals and our ethos when training staff and volunteers is to be "curious" - not about times when the client fails, or when the problem is presenting most, but curious about times when the problem is less or times when the client deals/copes with the problem differently.  

When I conducted my next keyworking session after the training, I focused on the positive key points for the young person that week. I feel it will give structure to my sessions. This training was effective and inspirational.
Claire Lord, Intensive Family Support Worker, Project Crewe, Catch 22, Cheshire

Thank you for the course. It was like a breath of fresh air. The lively and enthusiastic approach to the training not only helped me to  take every little detail on board but was presented in such a way that it gave me confidence to "try the new ideas out". Sometimes when you have been in this work as long as I have you struggle to almost believe there is potential for change, however after these two days I have been revitalised and all my beliefs have returned - I feel ready to help and support the families to identify the change and help them move on.
Debbie Jones, Senior Child & Family Worker, Cambridgeshire Social Services

The purpose of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach is not to dismiss the problem but to help the client move forward with any small, existing, successful strategy. Change is made easier to achieve when we start with some experience of success and it is the professional's curiosity for the client's experience of success and a curiosity about the emotional and physical benefits once change has been achieved or problems have resolved that can help clients begin to move from tracing the pathology of the problem to looking at and talking about an improved tomorrow.

We provide direct consultancy work with clients, provide inhouse and public training courses and offer "change" consultancy with local authorities and organisations.See an example of one of our training courses in the video below.

Please contact us at info@brief-therapy-uk.com or Tel: 07779 242 289 for further details.

"Achieving Change" Training Course

Focusing on "preferred futures" is as applicable when you are talking to a pupil about a time when they study well, to a family about when they work better together, to a client who is struggling with anxiety and stress, no matter how small or fleeting that exception isit provides a healthy starting place for the move forward.

For schools Our Solution Focused Approach training equips both teaching and support staff with skills that help children achieve their potential in the classroom and provides an effective intervention for Pastoral Support Staff.  This training has been used successfully to create a behaviour management strategy within the whole school, encouraging a mindset of "catching pupils doing something right".

Within Family Support and Adult Social Care Our Solution Focused Approach training prepares staff in their work to strengthen family units, providing both short-term training as an "extra tool in the toolbox" and the wider, whole-team framework The Prevention & Intervention Programme to reduce the numbers of children and young people entering the care system under Section 20 .  .

For Health Our specialist Solution Focused Approach programmes provide staff with real skills and frameworks to work more effectively with patients with Mental Health to improve self-management and within  Drug & Alcohol Recovery.

Youth Offending & Early Intervention Programmes These Solution Focused Approach programmes are fit for purpose for use by Schools, YOT Teams and  Police & Community Groups.

The outcomes of our Solution Focused Approach training is that staff feel equipped  with the confidence and skills  to work collaboratively with the client - the expert, after all,  on what works for them; what worked a little in the past; what might work a little in the future.The principles of all of our work are based on the belief that it is the individual who is the expert of their lives and therefore it is essential to harness that expertise as a crucial part of any intervention with the individual. 

 Our models include Solution Focused Brief Therapy (de Shazer '85 Optima Communication Skills (Murphy '08) the resources and visuals of the Examine, Repair & Move On Approach (Murphy '93) which Eileen Murphy first devised when working with challenging young people in 1993. These simple effective tools offer the client the opportunity to identify the change that needs to happen and design who can do what to help change take place.

A broader list of our courses can be found on the About Us and Our Courses page.

Our 1, 2 and 3 day training courses are provided across the UK as an inhouse provision. We run only one public course each year and details of this can be found on our Public & In-House Training page.

For details of our training courses, please either explore the website or contact us direct at info@brief-therapy-uk.com or Telephone us on Tel: 0208 947 8093 & 07779 242 289.

If you would like to engage in discussion or have questions that you would like to ask - then we would also be delighted to hear from you.

The contents of this Web site and the resources linked to it are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing you read on this website is meant to diagnose, substitute for, or otherwise replace actual sessional work with a practitioner

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