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Working with Drug and Alchohol Addiction

We provide inhouse courses across the UK - for details contact us at info@brief-therapy-uk.com or Tel: 07779 242 289.

A refreshing, different approach which I am sure will be valuable within my work. I'm already wondering how I've managed up till now without it!
Sharon Holmes, Community Mental Health Team, Blackburn

We provide  1 - 3 day inhouse Solution Focused Approach training courses for staff working within the Drug & Alcohol field including Outreach Teams, PCT, GPs, Rehabilitation Units and Acute Mental Health teams. Because of the nature of this strengths-based approach, staff do not need to be clinically trained to harness the positive resources of this approach.

Many clients seeking help for their addiction are seldom asked questions about times when they keep themselves well and how they do that, seldom asked to describe what life will be like for them once they are well again.  Often the client is only asked about trigger points which ironically can further reinforce their own view that recovery is a long way off.

When we speak with GPs and clinical professionals in the field, they often suggest that they believe the client must address their addictive triggers in the first instance. Our response to this belief is that surely to have a conversation, at least, about what recovery will look like; the small things that will be different in their life, and most importantly perhaps also tracing exceptions and strengths in the past that can be called on. We would consider that the worker's curiosity about tomorrow can do no harm, at least.

Many people experiencing drug and alcohol problems often become isolated and develop negative views of themselves and others - the language and visuals of the Solution Focused Approach helps workers to introduce an element of doubt into this negative and destructive view.

The worker's curiosity about times when the client overcame any obstacle, resisted any temptation, kept themselves well for any period is effective in highlighting strengths, resources and any small exceptions can be utilized in the work towards recovery.

A Solution Focused Approach training day with the staff of CASCADE, a Drug & Alcohol unit in Berkshire.

Our Solution Focused Approach to Recovery training includes positive ways of engaging clients who have become stuck and raises staff awareness of how language used in 1:1 and Group sessions can help clients achieve change. The approach is also used extensively with entry and discharge sessions with clients and their partners as part of rehabilitative work as well as by outreach teams across the UK. The ethos of the Approach is to work collaboratively with the client to help them identify small, attainable and salient goals towards recovery and sustaining well-being..

Included in the training are the well evaluated and successful resources: The Change Balloon; The Silent Session; The Scaling Walk; The Relationship Map as well as our Groupwork and 1:1 exercises from our ownExamine, Repair & Move On Approach (Murphy '93).

To book a 1-3 day inhouse course please contact us on Tel: 0208 947 8093 or on the office mobile 07779 242 289 or email: info@brief-therapy-uk.com

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